"I want to be remembered for the lives I changed, not for the money I made."

Jonathan Grinko

Founder, WE Enterprises


Welcome to WE Enterprises LLC. We pride ourselves on being more than just a company - we're a growing family of businesses. Currently, we operate through Mission Based Chase LLC, Delegate to Grow LLC, and Consulting from All Angles Inc. There's more to come!

My whole life, all I've ever wanted to do is help people. As I grew older, my entrepreneurial spirit began to emerge, and I would think of different business ideas, ways to improve businesses, and ways to help people in general. This mindset definitely came from my grandfather, Albert Charles Premus. Of all the things I love about my Pap is his heart. Even though he doesn't show many people his soft side, or tell many people his life story, his whole life has been spent giving everything he could to help others. From his youth, he worked hard to take care of all his loved ones. Most people have their parents to help out, but my grandfather lost his parents too soon at a young age, so he had to take on the role of head of the family. He worked every day of his life to ensure that his family was more than provided for. This didn't stop after his youth. He was always there to help any member of our family who was in need, and I want to continue what he has started!

He taught me everything he knows, how to fix things, build things, how to drive, and most importantly, the true definition of a family man. He has taught me values. He taught me the value of hard work. He raised my mother to be strong and never give up and instilled those values in me and my sister. He has always taken care of everyone in the family without hesitation. My grandfather has been there for me since the day I was born. He has never left and has shown me what a true family bond is. Through thick and thin, he has always been by my side and helped shape the man I am today. My grandfather has taught me so many things in life. I could never think of how to repay him until the day I wanted to create my own business. The only thing that could come close to repaying him for all he has done in my life, is to dedicate this business to him and apply the core values he has taught me. There is no amount of money that I could give my Pap as payment for all of the seeds that he has planted in my garden of life. Love you, Pap!

I started this entrepreneurial journey at a young age, cutting grass and detailing vehicles in my downtime when I was not working with my grandfather on his projects! Then I went to Slippery Rock University where I studied Safety Management. SRU is where I began to truly realize how I was different than those around me with multiple professors stating to me how they could see I was going to do great things, above and beyond the average student. One day after class, one of my mentors in college gave me the breakdown of how they started their consulting business and suggested I do the same. So, after much research and self-education alongside the professional education at the university. I started Consulting from All Angles in 2019. Working off the money that I made or saved companies, so if I did not make them or save them anything, they did not pay me. This was due to me only wanting to only be paid upon the value that I provided and not just by being able to sell someone on a monthly retainer. The business model is simple, if we don't deliver, you don't pay. It's that simple!

Everything was going great! I had my full-time safety job and was working CAA on the side! Then the company I was working for did not secure enough work and I was the low many on the totem pole and I was let go. But I had a 6-month emergency fund saved up, so I gave myself 3 months to work for myself and if I didn't get things going in 3 months then I was going to go back to corporate America. This led me into a business-to-business partnership in 2020 that later led me into my first business failure! No one ever wants to tell you about their failures, but my goal is to be as transparent as possible! This partnership seemed great at the beginning, and I thought was going to be the "big break" that I needed but sadly ended up being the thing that tore me down. But if it was not for this partnership, I would not have learned some of the very things that I believe will follow me throughout my entire career! I am thankful for that relationship, the relationships that have come from that business venture, the lessons I learned and the businesses that came from it! If it wasn't for that business venture, I may have never opened up: Delegate to Grow or Mission Based Chase!


Our mission is simple – to help bring food, water, shelter and basic healthcare to all in need worldwide! But it can't be done WITHOUT EVERYONE realizing where they work, matters and where they spend their money, matters! Together, WE can change the world!


WE envision's a future where everyone can contribute to change the world around them through their career and their spending. By choosing to work and spend with us, you become part of this global mission!

Delegate to Grow is a virtual assistant, SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) and SAAS (Software as a Service) agency that was birthed when I had realized that most virtual assistant agencies are just hiring agencies and there was little to no vetting or training. At Delegate to Grow, we specialize in heavily vetting and training our teammates before placing them into a company or job for a smooth-as-possible transition. There will always be some bumps in the road when onboarding new employees, but we believe that through proper vetting and training the transition should be smooth and quick as long as proper expectations are met!

Mission Based Chase started out as a marketing and sales agency focusing on the insurance restoration industry but has since expanded into the retail market as well! We partner with trusted local contractors to give homeowners and businesses a variety of choices to choose from so they can be a part of the mission without having to give up the safety and security of trusting their project with a trusted local contractor!

WE Enterprises is more than just a business – it's a movement! WE Enterprises fully believes that we can bring food, water, shelter and basic healthcare to all in need worldwide, but it can't be done "Without Everyone" hence the WE Enterprises. We just need people like YOU to help us spread the word! Where you WORK matters and where you spend your MONEY matters! If you are going to get the same service and same result from using one company versus another, why not use the company that is helping change the world?!

Join us in a future where growth and generosity unite. Together, WE can change the world!


The more WE make, the more WE give!

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